Dockside Saloon and Restaurant

Here’s my first serious effort to actually “draw” something. The sketch is from a photo I took of the Dockside Saloon & Restaurant in Portland which we passed by during a friend’s 70th weekend birthday celebration. The dockside is located in the midst of a major gentrification effort along the river in Portland.

I was told the owner refuses to sell out primarily because of the connection to Tonya Harding and her nefarious involvement with Nancy Kerrigan. Apparently an employee for the Dockside discovered several bags of trash Harding had disposed into the Dockside’s dumpster. The most damaging paper that was found was an envelope with information concerning Kerrigan’s practice schedule at her home rink. The handwriting was found to be Tonya’s. Apparently neither Tonya nor any of her cohorts have ever visited the Dockside but it appeared as if they thought they could save themselves a trip to the transfer station about 5 miles away.

Anyway, I love the contrast of an old-school saloon against the backdrop of modern high-rise architecture. And no, we didn’t have time to go in and quaff a few. Next time.

Graphite and colored pencils, TS2 for minor contrast bump.