Do I need to upgrade from 3.5.4 to 4.0.8?

I usually upscales fhd to 4k or encode 30fps to 60fps.
Would it be better to go to 4.0.8 if I do this?
My computer specifications are as follows.
window os
cpu: Ryzen 5600
gpu: rtx 4070
ram: 32gb

mac os
macmini m2
ram 8gb

what AI you are using for the upscale?
frame interpolation did not see any update at v4.x as of writing this.

why don’t you just try version 4.0.8? If it doesn’t suit you, you can always go back. the speeds are always different depending on the version and the hardware, so it’s best to try it yourself :wink:

I think his question (from reading between the lines) was more aimed if it is worth spending an Upgrade renewal at this point in time or wait a bit longer when there is a real difference (I assume).

ahh possible, in any case it’s by trying that he will know if it’s worth it or not.