Do I need to re-download models after every update


When I install a new version, it asks me if I want to clear the models folder, which I always do. But then it obviously has to re-download them all again which I’ve noticed can take ages (presumably when the server’s busy)

Is it safe to keep the existing model files when upgrading? I guess what I’m asking is - can they ever change - eg will model fie “” always remain the same? I don’t want to upgrade but then still be using old model files that might have had some additional training or improvements.

Or to put it another way - is the version number in the file name always bumped when anything is changed? (eg improvements or extra training) ie ahq-v12 => ahq-v13. If so then it should be safe to always keep them, right? I realise the folder will eventually get cluttered with old files when new versions are released, but I can manually clean these up when needed.


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I think I can add another question. if Topaz decides to keep the same file name of a previous model, e.g. “” and the new update introduced changes to that model, will the new version know to redownload this model when needed overwriting the older file even though it already presumably exists (same file name - older version) , or it would not (TVAI might think you already have this model downloaded - based on file name check only - so it won’t redownload the model even though it is newer)

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No need to clear model files in-between builds. The model files will remain the same across versions and any new model will be downloaded when it is used within the app.


Why there are version of this model? Each update used up more space because it did not remove the old ones.


These are models from Photo AI not Video AI.

I would recommend making a post on the Photo AI forum section about this.

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