Do I need to do anything regarding the licence if building a new machine?

I am going to be building a new Windows 11 machine this week. Well it will be the same mainboard since it is rock solid and 100% reliable plus the same solid state hard drive (reformatted), but it will be a new CPU, GPU and Wifi card (not specifically because of Topaz but I am sure the new CPU and GPU will coincidentally speed things up, not that I was unhappy before given what Topaz achieves).

I just need to know whether I need to do anything with my licencing such as some sort of de-activation on the old machine and then re-activate it on the “new” machine? I ask this because I have a particular application where I specifically need to do this and then re-install it on the new hardware and activate once again. And it will not let me re-activate on a new machine unless I de-activated it before on the old one (not without having to deal manually with support of course).

Does the same thing apply for Topaz or do I simply just build the new machine, download Topaz, install it and then log into my Topaz account?


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Seats are active logins, so if you no longer have access to the computer, and all of your seats have been used up, a seat manager window will appear when you try to log into a new computer.

In the seat manager window, you can click on the blue “Claim” button next to the computer you no longer use, it will log out, and reassign the registration to the computer you are on. This will only appear when your allotted seats are used up, so this may not appear if this new computer is only the second one out of two that you’re using.


Thanks. I have re-installed it once on the original machine (as in hardware) because I had to go from a dual boot configuration to single boot configuration which meant wiping the hard drive. There was a GPU change on that machine as well. This machine will have the same mainboard but all different other components. I guess we shall see what happens. I assume worst comes to worst I will contact support if I cannot figure it out but in theory there might already be “two” machines there from over the past couple of months.

Sorry Kathy, I obviously did not intend to post it there - I had been looking at the bug forum before posting over other existing issues.