DNG output has incorrect white balance information

Sent a Nikon Z8 HE* NEF to topaz, processed, exported at DNG back to Lightroom. The white balance is all wonky. LR AUTO chooses some magenta/blue. TIFF round trip works fine. Feels like the HE* decoding isn’t working.

This is what it takes to correct it. The shot is in full sun daylight temps.
Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 1.56.18 PM

The blue version in the filmstrip in LR is the original file exported to Photos AI

The AI grid pattern is still present:

This is Lightroom Denoise AI output:

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Thanks for reaching out. This is a known issue that we are working on a fix for.

This will be fixed in 1-2 weeks as I have a developer focused on this. For now, I would recommend using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI method to make a TIF copy of the file and prevent this issue.

I can follow up once I have a fix.

Regarding the grid issue, are you Upscaling the image or using Remove Noise - Raw? We fixed the grid in Remove Noise - Raw and are working on it for Upscaling now.

Yes, I see the grid when doing a combo upscale and noise reduction.

Off-topic a bit:
One thing that would be very useful is to have an upscale limiter that’s Lightroom/Photoshop aware. The 512MP limit (ugh) means I have to guess and check many times to get the upscale under the limit. Even then, LR is throwing errors on the return trip.
Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 2.19.50 PM
Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 2.35.18 PM(2)

Interesting point. I’ll make a task for my team as we can detect if the app is used as a plugin to Lightroom Classic and we can add a different limit for that specific workflow.

By the way, we just fixed the Z8 magenta output issue in v2.0.2. Please update and you can use Raw without issue now!

I saw the changelog with references to PS and LR megapixel/dimension limits but I don’t see it happening in newest update. Any idea when the grid will be eliminated for upscaling? I have two very large sold prints in the queue waiting for the fix.

We have narrowed down the grid artifacts to Upscaling - High Fidelity on Mac M1 and M2 devices. We reached out to Apple to see if they can fix the issue in the M1 and M2 processing which seems to be causing this.

Are you using a M1 or M2 device for processing?

I’m editing on a M1 Ultra Mac Studio. Yep.

Can I disable something in the meantime?

Using the Standard model should prevent the grid behavior. Of course I recommend testing it and increasing contrast or edge detection to see if the grid is still there.

I took the update today and I still don’t see MAX upscale being capped for Lightroom.

I’m sending the photos to Photos via
FILES→Plug-in Extras→Photos AI

I tested v2.0.5 earlier today and the 512MP cap is working correctly there. This version was released about two hours ago.

The Max upscale will increase the image by 6x or 512MP, whichever is larger. If your image is 1k x 1k pixels, then the max size will be 6k x 6k pixels.

Can you update to v2.0.5 and let me know if it’s working for you or if you see any errors?

This new 2.0.5 does respect the 512MP max. Awesome!

But, wow, Sharpen V2 jacks the colors and exposure. The working preview (before) in the app seems to be neutral NEF while the preview (after) is brightened and warmed. V1 doesn’t do this.

But, still, the round trip back to LR shows the colors wildy incorrectly with NEF HE*. Again, the previews in Photos look ok but the DNG that’s created has some crazy issue. LR is unable to auto balance the image. The above is me hitting auto for the Development and auto color WB. The bottom image is also AUTO development and color WB.

Standard upscale shows the grid.

back in LR

Where do I submit my timecard as product tester? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m still seeing the grid today with latest update. The grid is the result of the multi-threading as seen in all AI output… upscale, sharpen, noise. Adobe has figured this out. The toggle I need in the short time while you guys fix this is:

[ • ] Multi-threading

Denoise & Sharpen (not upscaled though Photos AI does add width and height)

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