DNG Files are not saved consistently

Working with Canon RAW files (CR2). If I denoise the image and save it to DNG file, most programs Open it as low resolution image (as if it is a thump nail)
If I enhance, denoise and sharpen and save the image to DNG format. All programs will open the file correctly.

  1. Open Canon raw file (cr2) denoise only and save it as DNG file.
  2. Open with XNview (free ware) it will open it as very Low resolution.
  3. Open Canon same raw file (cr2) as above, denoise, enhance and sharpen and save as DNG file.
  4. Open with XNview the file opens correctly.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.7] on [Windows]

Opening with windows 11 default photo viewer gave me same results.