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In General, text that is sharp and doesn’t need sharpening often becomes “mangled” when run though Photo AI (1.3.11 but this applies to earlier versions as well). By default I use the Autopilot settings. I have tried to manually set Sharpen option and have set the Sharpen > Standard > Strength to 1, but text letters still become distorted or mangled. (Whichever setting I use, I appreciate the sharpening to all other non-text items in the image, so I don’t want to totally turn off all sharpening.

Attached is a sample image without Topaz processing.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Open image in Topaz Photo AI.
  2. Process any of the following ways:
  • Autopilot using all default values

  • Under Image Quality > Sharpen > Standard use Default Values and then do another with the Strength set to 1.

  1. Save images.

Results: Try at 200% or 300% try reading and comparing “Pebble Beach” and “Tour d’Elegance” on headlight of Chrysler woodie wagon. Also compare the chrome “Chrysler” badge (front center of hood). Although I wouldn’t mind a “little bit” of sharpening enhancement, but processed results show blurrier text than the original.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.11] on [Windows]

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Hi. The Boffins at TopazLabs are working on a Refine Text filter which is currently in beta at the moment and be added to Photo AI in the near future when ready

Hope this helps

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It would also be nice if the mask subtraction feature worked on text. I’ve tried to remove the mask where text is at hoping it will not apply effects to this section, but the text is always distorted. Looking forward to this “Refine Text” filter.

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