Distant Crucible

Back in February, I stayed at my Sister’s place and had access to a bunch of my Mother’s old knick-knacks including a bunch of colored glass vases, cups, and the like. This image was made by removing the lens from my camera, holding a red-glass jar over the body opening, aiming towards the sun, and shooting. The second and third images are modified with Adjust, B&W Effects, and layered with a couple of different blending modes. Nothing too special, but I thought the idea might be of interest to those who like to experiment.

The image reminded me of a faraway nebula set aglow as its core works to form a new star.

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Looks like sun flares. Especially the 2nd.

A very creative experiment and I love the results.

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Cool experiment and results I enjoyed the… thinking out of the box images.

an inspiration to us all to LOOK and EXPERIMENT rather than “spray and pray”

You did very we’ll to achieve this effect.

Thanks for commenting! @Michigander @Kathy_9 @cre8art @el48tel @digital2006

The images I made were a mix of useless junk to interesting. Many of them will make decent textures. Some time ago I had checked a photography book out of the library, and it had a few chapters on doing stuff like this. I’ve also tried things like holding a magnifying glass in front of the open body; you can focus with it and get interesting effects. I’d like to get my hands on a smaller crystal ball to see what that’s like, or maybe triangular prism.

Here’s another image. I don’t recall what object I was shooting through, but this was one of a few where the object actually brought some of the scene into focus. The end result is like having a builtin texture overlay.

Original JPEG from the camera, just resized in Studio.

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No such thing as “junk”

where many of my “rejects” or “hold until later” go[quote=“ScottO, post:7, topic:3127”]
I’ve also tried things like holding a magnifying glass

Oh yes – break the rules – that’s why some Johnny-know-all wrote them 'cos he didn’t want you to be creative

Super image - hope we’ll see more of them

Keep up the wonderful art.