Display File Name in Title Bar - Topaz Video

Like Topaz Photo, I would like to see the file name displayed in the tile bar in Topaz Video

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 10.23.31 AM

it would be great to see the name of the input file in this list. Thanks.

It would be great to be able to see what files are being processed [on the output display screen] and have a record of the model settings in the output file name. Currently it is not possible to tell files apart during processing so if a number of files are being processed which are similar then there is no way of telling which are good etc. You suggest using a few different settings for previews and comparing them but this is not possible if they don’t have names and the settings listed. Makes it difficult to run multiple files
Mark Littlejohn

tooltip information on export/preview lines. When I hover over the import files I get the full path and filename. I don’t get any file related information of exported files or previews. Only thumbnail helps connecting export and imports. Can you add bottom banner like it was in It is quite annoying not knowing where is it exporting to.

If you switch to “selected” instead of “all inputs” the previews/exports section, you will only see the files that match the input file you have selected.

It seems like this post would be better in the ideas section to request the file name be displayed since this is not a bug.

+1 to this request. I have a really hard time telling which export file is which - showing filename in the export row would be great, or even a tooltip that shows the filename on hover of export item

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By all means, please move it there

It would greatly improve workflow if we could read the video file name on each render queue line in the output window.
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I asked for it once before, It would be very helpful, if the title of the video appeared in the output list. If you have several videos with similar images and several previews up, it is very confusing and difficult to see which clip is what. I understood that Topaz was scared of cluttering the screen, but I use large screen and have enough space so maybe, it could be an option one can choose in the preferences?


I also miss the connection between the output and input.
In the Output window you can’t tell which file / video is in the queue.
Maybe by clicking on a file in the queue then activate / outline the original file on the left

I think it’d be useful to show the relevant filename in each Export progress bar. There’s heaps of room after the ‘E’, a few icons, output x&y size, and bitrate.