Display Colormanagement

TPAI is still lacking proper screen color management, Denoise AI, Sharpen and Gigapixel display the images correctly only PhotoAI increases the saturation fully.

Win 11.

I’m getting tired of writing about this every two months.

The Video shows as it is.



Would you mind checking your logs for the following line?

Profile is invalid or gamma is 0 on a custom profile. Switching to sRGB colorspace instead.

I have an assumption that your monitor color profile isn’t supported by the current code. The images you sent me a long time ago look identical in DeNoise and Photo AI for me on my Mac, but if I force Photo AI to fallback to sRGB it looks wrong in the same way as your screenshots (using _F9I2831_DxO_2_DxO_3_DxO_4_DxO_5_DxO_6_DxO_7_DxO_Compressor.tif if you remember that file).

If this is the case then we will need to get your log to see why your profile isn’t supported. It should print the profile below the line I listed above but it most likely won’t be helpful directly. You can also try changing monitor colorspaces but I know this is not a good solution.


For some more technical information, Photo AI has a system that will convert a preview image’s colorspace to the colorspace of your monitor. However, we found that just blindly converting to every monitor’s colorspace led to some crashes which meant people could not use the app at all. To get around this we added a fallback for cases where we think that the app may crash. Specifically, we fallback to sRGB if the colorspace fulfills these criteria:

  1. The colorspace primaries are custom
  2. The colorspace transfer function is custom
  3. The colorspace gamma is set to 0

If all 3 are true, then it defaults to sRGB instead. The downside to this is not all colorspaces that fulfill all 3 criteria would crash, but I currently do not know under which circumstances a colorspace transform will crash so we’re playing it safe at the moment.

2023-06-07-23-58-58.txt (106.9 KB)

Here is the log, thanks for your time,

Thanks for the log.

This does confirm my suspicion. I am going to make a special build that just removes the fallback and you can see how it works. Unfortunately we can’t just add this to the release build because of the aforementioned crashing issues but at least we can see if this is the root cause of your issue.

The build should be done in ~20 minutes and I’ll make another post with a link.

Here is the build:

It worked, for the first time I can see the colors of my photos correctly in TPAI.

Theoretically, this affects all users who have a screen that is corrected by a measuring device.

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Glad to hear it, and I’m sorry for the delay in actually debugging this issue. I know you’ve been requesting this for a long time (still have several of your previous file uploads for this issue) but unfortunately it’s just me who knows about these issues at the moment and I’m constantly doing other things.

For next steps I’m not entirely sure what I can do though. If you need correct color you may have to stay on this build for now. I can maybe look into adding a fallback bypass you can use in 1.3.9 and on, but I’m not 100% sure we can just remove the fallback entirely. I’ll try to get you something that makes you not stuck on this version and if I do get something in it’ll be in the change logs.

Thanks for being persistent and hopefully we can resolve this for good soon!

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Could be there a switch in the settings for turning it off/on?

Would be interesting if there are other people with this problem.

Maybe it can be brought into the current beta to see how strongly the problem is represented.

Thanks for your time.

My logs for TPAI show the same issue, but visually it isn’t very noticeable because I effectively have an sRGB monitor. The monitor profile was originally created with a X-Rite ColorMunki device, and it’s a software correction applied through Windows Color Management.

Heads up, 1.3.9 does not have this change or a work around. I will try to get one in for 1.3.10 but still trying to think of the best way to go about it.

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Heads up, 1.3.10 will have this change implemented.

I have added a preference under Preferences > General for sRGB Fallback.

When enabled, it will have similar behavior as 1.3.9 and earlier where if we detect that we might not be able to convert to the monitor colorspace we default back to sRGB.

In 1.3.10 this option will default to false, which means everyone should now be using the display colorspace. I added the option so that in cases where someone crashes due to preview issues they can still use the new version. If we do not see many people crashing due to this then we may remove the option entirely in the future.

I hope this finally resolves your issue.

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Thank you very much, Adam.

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