Disappointed by Loss of Legacy Program Support

Is it just me, or do others miss some of the legacy programs? I’ve been a Topaz user since the very beginning, and before the decision was made to move totally to one stop AI, Studio 2 was my go to for using Denoise, Sharpening and the creative Looks. I frankly liked the creative control I had with my images.
I feel with Photo AI I lose ceative control, and with no more support for the legacy artistic effects I know it is a matter of time before an operating system update makes them inoperable.


No, you are not alone and I’m sure there are others who feel the same way. Personally, I love the legacy programs.


You’re definitely not alone. I’m concerned about the now-legacy image programs as well. I use and like them a lot.

I believe Topaz has made a business decision to focus on the all-in-one market. I imagine it’s a larger total available market than that for the legacy apps. It would seem that to grow Topaz’ business, all-in-one is the way to go.

Problem is that market seems saturated with much larger players (Adobe, etc) selling very good all-in-one products already. It would be quite an uphill battle to prevail, I think.

Anyway, I’m sorry to see the excellent legacy apps wither. You’re right, OS updates will eventually break them.

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you are not alone. It’s sad, that even products like Gigapixel AI / Sharpen AI / DeNoise AI have to be considered legacy by now, as they are no longer being developed. They had an excellent feature set, multi-editing UI capabilities and proper batch processing.

Yes, I very much miss the legacy programs. In fact I keep an old Mac Mini running just to run some older photo editing software, including Topaz and Nik. One day that will fall over and I’ll lose them.

I much preferred the depth and control of individual effects programmes such as Glow and Texture.

One effect I use a lot is ReStyle - very strange indeed that effect only ever went to version 1.0.0 (only software in the history of the world to stop at 1.0.0?) - I see tons of LUTs for sale with Luminar and elsewhere, yet ReStyle had loads and loads of them, all with detailed control. I often wonder if Topaz pulled that because it was too much value. Or maybe it was just not popular! Anyway, I love it - allows me to see a lot of alternative looks on the same screen at the same time to select a few promising ones then play with them. Nothing since has come close.

Basically I must say I am less and less inclined to buy into the newer stuff, I preferred the old software and I still use it…

All the best!