Disable preview by default in gigapixel ai

It would be really nice to have the ability to disable preview by default in gigapixel ai, since I already know what the output image will look like based on the settings.

This feature is available in v3.1.1, so why isn’t this a thing in v5.1.7? In the old version, you can just disable preview panel altogether. Now, every time you drag an image into the application, you have to click and disable the preview manually and this is quite annoying.

Having the ability to disable preview by default would be a great QOL update.

I don’t think this is something that many people would want “by default”, since there are now several processing modes (more coming in next release this week possibly) and one would want to see which works best for a particular image.
I think what you mean is that it should be an “option” to disable it via preferences. There is no reason why that shouldn’t be possible.