DIONE Models video playback intermittently choppy

Since there have been updates to the program, the DIONE Models display intermittently choppy video during playback every so many seconds/minutes. Also, the DIONE DV and TV models still exhibit staircase and some combing artifacts. The DIONE TV model was one of the very best for interlaced material in TVEAI v2.6.4 as long as it was not handling 3:2 pulldown material 29.97 to 23.98 (which till recently TVAI handled better).

If we can get the quality of TVEAI v2.6.4 for the DIONE TV/DV models with the frame/pulldown handling of earlier versions of TVAI, that would be ideal.

Handbreak handles frame conversion and pulldown VERY well without choppiness or Audio/Video sync issues.

Current version: v3.3.10


Just to clarify: are the playback speed issues happening in the in-app video player, or even when playing with an external video player?