Dione Interlaced DV has contrast flashes every other frame

I’m not totally sure how to explain this issue so I’ve provided a link below to watch:

I have repeated a portion of the video played at slower and slower speeds. As you can see, around very bright areas, there’s shadows/highlights on the top-right and bottom-left of the object, and the shadow/highlight switches places every other frame. I assume this comes from a misunderstanding of the brightness info in the interlaced fields in the original video. I have tested this with a bunch of different footage from MiniDV cameras and get this issue every time. Is there a way to avoid this problem?


I have the same flashes, trying to deinterlace old videos …

yes me too, it is a bug which reappeared some time ago, it had been fixed on another version, but it reappeared

Are you talking about another version of this Dione method, or another version of VEAI? If so, I’d like to know what version didn’t have the problem.

Another version of VEAI. 2.4.0 maybe ? Not remember :frowning:

I haven’t tried recently, but had this flashing issue with an older version. If it’s happening again, I want it fixed. I will use Dione for project soon…

helo! bye bye dione, i use QTGMC! it’s best! :slight_smile:

I don’t see that in the list. Are you suggesting something that isn’t in VEAI? I would love if you could elaborate on your process.

hi, it is a tool to deinterlace videos, which can be found in software like stxrip, hybrid etc. personally, I use hybrid, and it’s free, try if you have interlaced sequences, even the dehao filters are well managed than the one from veai :slight_smile:

daniel.schneider-8524 If you still need help figuring out how to use QTGMC then contact me privately so I can guide you.

Looking over these comments in the hope that there will be a Dione update soon. I’ve seen the comments about QTGMC and I agree it is a great deinterlacer, but (in my humble opinion) I actually prefer the output of Dione - BUT - it is ruined by the flashes.

Dione Robust solves the flashes but you of course lose the fluid motion. Please, please, please I hope they fix the flashing bug as Dione TV/DV really “could” be great.

Hola! dione deinterlaces very well, there is no more effect of stairs but it brings out the original artifacts that are present in a video and it still removes some details at times, even if they are minimal, for this reason I use qtgcm because it deinterlaces as well and it reduces artifacts. The settings with other filters on hybrid give quite impressive results.

Hi there, not sure if this helps anyone, but I can confirm that using VEAI 2.4.0 fixes the flashing in Dione. I usually use QTGMC to make footage progressive and cleanup and upscale with VEAI (a very slow process!!). Now, using 2.4.0 and Dione TV4, I get exactly the same results (if not a little better) in a fraction of the time. Old TV shows in interlaced PAL and NTSC look fantastic.

I installed VEAI 2.4.0 to test this out my own, and unfortunately in my case, I can’t export anything as VEAI crashes immediately after clicking the “Start Processing” button.

That’s annoying. It does seem weird though that the flickering Was fixed in 2.4 and then broken again in 2.6. Hopefully it will be fixed once more.

yes and for my part with my interlaced 8mm videos, when I send the original ones, there are some interlacing artifacts, like red lines on black that occur but by first deinterlacing the video with the gpu on vegas pro and reproducing it in interlaced, there are no more artifacts. so the result is better by passing it first with vegas pro

I was just looking through the release notes of 2.6.3 and no mention of Dione :
On 2.4.0 Dione TV3 works fine for me, but everything before 2.6.2 is very unstable for me with the program just quitting itself after some minutes to a few hours of processing (no, no temperature issues, I tried different drivers, I’ve been through it all and nothing helps … but the stability improvements of 2.6.2 really worked wonders for me, with very little “quits” at all)

I still have a lot of stuff I want to process with Dione TV, but right now I have the not-an-option of the flickering in 2.6.2 or 2.6.3 and the annoying option of low stability in 2.4.0.

Maybe I’ll take a look at QTGMC.

actually, qtgmc is the best :wink: