Dione Deinterlace..Output flickers when deinterlacing DVDs

I have Tried using Video enhance AI do deinterlace and improve dvds-…I tried 5 different DVDs from the 2000s and they all have this weird flickering output and the edges flicker on Dione TV V4

Is this a known bug that will be fixed.

I would expect deinterlacing old dvds to be one of the main uses of dione TV…

(dione robust is ok…Dione TV is the only one affected)

“Dione Robust” is the fix to “Dione TV”, that is what you can read when you click on comment of the model.

Yeah thanks for the response. obviously I would like 60fps deinterlacing on DVD without flickering …like one can get using other solutions. I interpret your response as … “Video enhance AI cannot deinterlace DVD at 60 fps at this time without artifacts flickering and colour changing at this time” …is this correct?

I have tried multiple DVDs all with the same result. I Hope Dione Robust is not the final fix…