Dione Deinterlace..Output flickers when deinterlacing DVDs

I have Tried using Video enhance AI do deinterlace and improve dvds-…I tried 5 different DVDs from the 2000s and they all have this weird flickering output and the edges flicker on Dione TV V4

Is this a known bug that will be fixed.

I would expect deinterlacing old dvds to be one of the main uses of dione TV…

(dione robust is ok…Dione TV is the only one affected)

“Dione Robust” is the fix to “Dione TV”, that is what you can read when you click on comment of the model.

Yeah thanks for the response. obviously I would like 60fps deinterlacing on DVD without flickering …like one can get using other solutions. I interpret your response as … “Video enhance AI cannot deinterlace DVD at 60 fps at this time without artifacts flickering and colour changing at this time” …is this correct?

I have tried multiple DVDs all with the same result. I Hope Dione Robust is not the final fix…

I’ve been looking/hoping for an update on this for some time. Dione really is incredible looking for deinterlacing - except for the flicker around moving objects. So far the best (in-house) option is Dione Robust - but it is missing half the frame rate so really annoying.

I really hope there is an update to Dione TV/DV that fixes the issue - as this would be an absolute game changer. Seems like ages since there was an update for these - but fingers crossed.

hello, dione robust does not actually double the frequency and for my part, it distorts the video a lot. On the other hand, try version 2.4 of veai, it seems to me that with this version, there were no flickering problems , on the other hand even if the frequency is doubled with dione tv or dv, I noticed a lag of images compared to the original video.

I noticed in both Dione TV and Dione DV that the bottom edge of one of my DVD sources flickers. It seems like on the top fields, it’s using the edge (blackness) to fill in the bottom row of pixels rather than the line above it. The bottom field doesn’t have this issue because it already has a bottom row of pixels to work from. Dione Robust doesn’t cause this issue because I assume it combines the top and bottom fields, meaning it has a bottom row of pixels provided.

I get flickers top and bottom on true interlaced material (as opposed to interlaced videos generated from progressive sources), which I suppose is technically correct in terms of the source since the top and bottom lines are only present for half the frames.

Cropping the output by 2 lines fixes this.

While I would agree with you on a “normal” deinterlacer, I would expect that since all of these AI models are for upscaling, it would be upscaling each half-height field to a full height frame.

Now you mention it, something just occurred to me, the last video I upscaled was doubled in size, but I only had to cut two lines to remove the flickering - one top and one bottom - rather than four.

This suggests it’s getting most of it right and the flickering is - as you suggested - the AI using imaginary black lines top and bottom when dealing with the edges.