Dion interlaced TV result frames are inserted a recursive backward frame

I am using TEVAI 2.6.3 on windows 10 pro 19044.1586
CPU: 5900X GPU: RX6900XT RAM: 32G PowerSupply: 1000W

I have an old interlaced dvd source, sd(720x480) to upscale.

Using the Dion interlaced TV v4 model shows the best detail.

But this model’s result video shows fatal defect.

Some of the working image frames are inserted, these are older than those currently being played.

Like Michael Jackson’s “Break Dance”, frames that suddenly go backwards


I used extrected vob files of source DVD.

Every each frame shows two result frames. (frame doubled in Dion Interlaced TV model)

When I click one by one in result video playback. Some backward frames shows.

In between 2969 ~2970 frame, 2975~2976, and so on.

So this defect makes me annoying when I am watching the result video.

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I found that vob file is the main reason for this probolem.

I stream copied video of vob file to mpeg.

Then there are no such backward frames.