Digital frame - equal width of matting all around

Is it possible to create a digital frame in which the matting that surrounds the images is the same width all around rather than proportional the original image?

See how the distance between the images and the framed is less for the top and bottom than for the left and right.

I thought I remembered doing it at one point but I can’t remember how.


Sharon, I couldn’t figure it out in TS2, but when I imported my Effects from TS1 I had a couple saved. If someone else hasn’t posted by tomorrow morning, I’ll post the settings when I get back to my computer.

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Sharon, if you click on the Mat button, you will see that the Mat Width slider adjusts the width of the top and bottom of the mat, and not the sides. If you set that slider to 1.00 it produces a mat which is very nearly the same width all round.


As GreyFox said …


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TS1 use the Preset = Small Matt

TS2 does not have these presets yet!

The equal width slider is a kludge that removes part of the image. If the image is cropped before adding the frame (which I guess most of us do) then it can detract value from the image, I rarely use it except for square images. The correct way to add a frame is to take the existing image and add the frame equally around its perimeter.

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Mat Width - set to 00.0

Frame/Mat Ratio - set to 00.0

With these settings at 00.00, adjust Frame Size
to get the Mat dimensions you need.

Change the Shadowing - it can look a tad severe - especially left and top.

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Thank you one and all, greatly appreciated

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That sounds good too.

I want the ability to adjust each side of the mat (top, bottom, left, right) individually in order to manually control all proportions. That way you could easily achieve what you’d like also by just setting all widths to the same number; whereas I can make my sides & top the same and bottom wider … or, whatever config a user wants.