Digital Art (paintings) | Best enhancement approach

Screenshot 2022-11-02 at 09.04.33

Hello friends,

I’m new to Topaz Labs products so need a bit of help with my use case - see attached example image.

In short I have some old digital art prints (as in paintings and sketches). These are mostly png’s in 72 dpi

I need to do a few things:

i) Enhance the dpi to 300 for enlargement (I know this part is easy)
ii) Improve the digital file quality - so removing pixels, fuzz, noise etc

So my questions are are;

  1. Given I’m not dealing with photos how do I best approach this (denoise vs sharpen or both)?
  2. What order do I do it in (Noting I have photoshop )

For 2) I don’t really know whether to increase the dpi first and then use denoise or sharpen ai or the other way around.

I don’t mind images up to 100mb but beyond that is getting a little silly

Appreciate any help guys!

Regards, Nick