Difficulty getting onto the forum

Has anyone else been having difficulty getting onto the Topaz Forum lately?
I am not getting the usual drop down menus where I find the forum, rather I am being taken straight to the ‘Cart’ page with 3 headings that says ‘texas-sales’ plus another called ‘on sale products’.
There is no obvious way for me to exit this and I’m relying on my history to get back in to the forum. Any idea whats wrong and how to put it right?

Not going to be of much help, sorry, but no - It’s working just as normal for me. Try bookmarking the forum page and clearing your cache perhaps?

It seems the main page has changed. At the bottom of the page, not in the drop down menu, is a link to the forum. Otherwise you can simply type in the direct address in your browser or, better still bookmark it:

Haven’t had any problems Jeanie …although on my address bar it says “Not secure” not sure why I’m getting that.

There’s a long discussion about that on here somewhere.

I believe all browser now show that message for HTTP servers as HTTPS is the secure standard for web servers.

Makes no difference on the forum site as it isn’t used for commerce.

Thanks Don …

Thanks Paul…

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Thanks for all your suggestions. Seems to have rectified itself and Connect > user forum now seems to be back where it always was.

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