Difference between Simplify in Studio and Simplify plugin

Same photo, same effect (Line and Ink IV) at default settings. One in Simplify in Studio, one in the Simplify plugin. Shouldn’t they look at least a bit similar?


I can confirm this.


One would think so, but I have found that the original plugins are far superior over the Studio adjustments… in my opinion.


Can’t disagree with that sentiment.


I have found most of the plug ins to be better in Lab, i thought it was because i was use to Lab – but over time if i can not do what i am aiming for in studio i bring it over to Lab and I seem to have better results


I guess Simplify in Studio wasn’t quite ready for prime time- doesn’t matter, they have rushed on to Glow in Studio instead of fixing Simplify. Not good.


I tried Glow in Studio PR and the results are not the same either after hitting Apply?


I have stopped using Studio because the results are terrible. It is time Topaz got their act together to fix the problems we have, instead of introducing new problems with new plugins.

Studio is a major problem in itself. I liked it very much. The concept is great. But, it is reducing quality in photos, and that is only what I have seen. If it is reducing quality in the original, then, what else…

Fix Studio first, please Topaz, before you introduce any more plugins that will only be updated for Studio. That is not fair and just to your subscribers of many years.

At present I will not use Studio because it ruins my photo to begin with. I use the Legacy plugins because I know they work as they should - apart from Simplify.

I think I can see the intention here, Paul. Simplify in Studio seems to be picking out the subject - the boat - rather than saturating the whole area as you have done in the original. But you are used to the whole thing being saturated. I see where you are coming from. I would prefer that as well. To then choose as an individual artist to mask out your preference.

But I can see the intention that the technicians were trying.

I didn’t do anything at all. These are the same image shown in two versions of the same adjustment/preset in Simplify at the default settings. I expected to get similar results.

Paul, I know. I am having the same problems. What I am trying to say, is the technicians have altered the logarithms so that what you do now, does not equate with what you did in the past.

Just experiment using different settings, Paul. I know I have to lower my Simplify settings considerably for a start.

Hey, you are a Beta Tester. Send them your information about what happens when you do certain things, and send them side by side comparisons, mate. They will take it on board.

Hi Paul, I seem to have lost your original converse to me because parts of our conversation went out the window into nothingness.