Detelecine model

Would it be possible to add a regular detelecine filter, and then have Video AI do its stuff?
Also would it be possible to have AI to replace ghosted or out of phase frame with previous or next unghosted frame?

I’m playing with Futurama Season 1 episode 1 DVD. I get best quality results when set to simple Detelecine, with proper 23.976 fps. But every now and then, there’s a frame or two that has a strange interlace/ghosting artifact.

As in this topic of damaged frames New AI Model Idea - Repair Damaged Digital Frames.
How about getting rid of ‘additional’ frames when an older PAL telecine has then been Standards Converted to NTSC (i.e. adding frames to get from 25p to 29.97i) as seen on lots of old Hong Kong DVDs for example.