Detail Pack,Motion Blue Missing

I purchased the Prepack when it came out and finding not missing motion blur adjustment as well own Detail 3.2 in Photoshop Plugin Bundle .

Motion Blur was not part of the original Prepack for Studio. It’s a new one. If you did not buy Detail 3.2 from Topaz Labs directly, it would not be shown as a purchase in your account (that’s how it’s picked up).

I was a beta tester too.

Here is my Topaz Disk

That’s not what @ellemat2 is referring to. Topaz Studio’s closed beta took place earlier this year in 2017. The disc you have from 2012 might be the Photoshop Bundle (Bundle 7 - 10), but does not indicate that you own Motion Blurs.

Motion Blurs was added in August 2017. It’s a new Adjustment type.

It looks like you’ve claimed ownership for Clarity and Impression. I took a look at your Account Page, but didn’t see a license for Detail. This disc you have likely was the purchase you made to add Detail to your product line, but most likely, this was done with a different email address than the one that is assigned to Clarity, Impression, Glow, Texture Effects, and the others I found listed on your Account. Please submit a ticket with the email address/order number from the Bundle registration, and we’ll get the licenses into the right place, which is a requirement for the Validate Plugins process to work. As it currently stands, your email address used to login to Studio, does not show ownership of Detail on the Topaz Plugins Account side. We can get that fixed if you submit the information we need to find your Bundle license, and get it listed on the correct account.

Joe The Serial I have Does not show up in my account Though You See the Disk I Faxed the Info to you with my serial Number Copy of Disk and Sticker With Serial on CD Envelope.

I have referring your product to my instructor when I was taken Photoshop class. :slight_smile: