Desktop Icon - Gigapixel AI

I just rcvd the email announcing the new commercial rel. of Gigapixel AI 4.0.0.

When I launched my previously installed commercial vers. it alerted me to the update. And, ran it with no incident.

But, after the update the old GAI desktop icon is on my PC’s desktop. Not the “sexy” shield style icon that came up with the beta test (or the orange counterpart to Sharpen AI’s icon).

Was it supposed to keep the old BW Topaz gemstone desktop icon for the new vers. of GAI?

Interesting because I got the shield icon on my desktop, and I am also Windows (10 Pro).

Hmmm. Did you run the update to the installed commercial version, Flick? Or, download fresh from the Topaz site?

I’m assuming I wouldn’t have to re-start my PC (Win 7) to get the orange shield to show up. Seems like should have auto-populated.

p.s. I had uninstalled my GAI beta 4.0.5b b4 running the commercial update.

Sure enough! I did a re-start on my PC and the orange shield came up instead of the gemstone. Interesting it didn’t automatically do that. But it is there now.

On my Mac the version 4.0.0 uses the old icon, both on the .app file and the taskbar, even after a restart. The splash screen however shows the new snazzy icon. Looks like somebody messed up.

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I had the same condition on my Mac. A solution for me was to download the program from the downloads page and upon reinstalling it will remove Gigapixel and reinstall. The icon should be updated at that point. It was for me. I had to have the new snazzy ICON. :grin:

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Oh good. It wasn’t just me!

Even if it wasn’t a big green G (G for Gigapixel & Grow like a Green plant) it still pops, as orange, on a desktop sea of icons…


“They’re selling spare, snazzier icons on eBay!!!”

…just yankin’ your chain :smiley:


Hey, not a bad idea, Jack! :wink: We could get those small enamel pins with our fave Topaz prod. icons!!

I have a photo hat that’s covered with pins like that from places I’ve visited & other misc symbols of things I like (peace sign, Beatles, camera, art…). When out taking shots the hat becomes a great conversation pc. to ppl.

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