DenoiseAI Size Limitation?

A large image (20,000 pixels wide) updates as a preview just fine in DenoiseAI. When the entire image is processed, it goes through what appears to the the entire cycle, but when used as a Photoshop filter, there is no change in the image. The noise remains untouched. I need to downsize the image considerably to get it to finish properly. The standalone version suffers the same problem. It ends without saving the image.

Any ideas?

Just make sure you are at least comparing at 100% but i would also be wary as 20k pixels wide is very large.

If your preferences are using GPU, then try CPU only to see if that makes a difference and you can also reduce the amount of RAM that PS uses.

If it is an issue you may be better off getting a explanation from support, you can raise a support request at the main website.