DenoiseAI for bulk processing? Alternatives?

Newb to video processing here! I’ve been playing with the latest versions of VEAI and Denoise to enhance Stargate episodes. I thought I had finally developed the process I need for some awesome video but, alas, the inability to batch process 80,000 lossless images through DenoiseAI has stopped me in my tracks.

For small test shots, I de-interlaced DVD source using QTGMC and then processed the resulting video through GAIA-HQ with export to lossless PNG. DenoiseAI really makes the video pop but without a way to process in bulk, I’m at a dead end. I tried Lightroom hoping it handled the files differently but it just crashes during the 80K file import. I considered a PS action but from what I gather in the forums, this is no longer possible. ??

Would Topaz Studio help me in anyway?

As I understand it, VEAI is like an amalgam of Gigapixel, DeNoise, Sharpen and Jpeg to RAW. It upsizes, denoises, sharpens, and de-artefacts (?) your individual frames - which you must then knit together outside of VEAI?

Using Studio, I guess once you have used a processor which converts all frames to pictures (jpegs?) - u then batch-process those jpegs in something like Studio to adjust contrast, hsl etc - before batch-processing all the jpegs in GigaPixel, and/or Sharpen/Denoise?

You can simply drag or drop a folder onto the open application:

So then you can break up your images into folders and process them. I would suggest break it down, I am not sure many apps can process 80K images in a reasonable time.

Yeah - I had not processed the math for this. My 2080 takes about 5 seconds per image meaning it would take over 100 hours. Doh. Back to the drawing the board! Even at one second, it would take 22hrs. LOL.

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Use five computers … LOL

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