DeNoiseAI 3.0.2 not loading image from LR

Prior to today I used DeNoiseAI 2.4.2 without problems, as plug-in in LR and in PS.
Today I DL’d and clean-installed v. 3.0.2.
Sometimes it works when called in LR, and sometimes it doesn’t: LR prepares the file as usual, but when DeNoise opens, there is no image displayed… and then it’s difficult to close DN; I have to kill it with the Task Manager.
Here’s what’s weird: so I can take that VERY SAME FILE in LR, send it over to PS, call upon DN from there, and DN works just fine!

It’s a bit bothersome to have an additional step if I wasn’t going to edit in PS anyway (I usually do); and end up with the same number of files in LR (.tiff or .psd, not a big deal). Just annoying that I have no clue as to when/why it’s going to do that (not load the image).

Win 10 Pro v2004; video card NVIDIA GTX 1070Ti (driver; PS CC 2021 (v 22.2.0); LrC 9.3.

Strange! That’s what used to happen for me but with v2.4.2 in Lightroom - I always assumed it’s because my computer is not really up to the minimum specs. However, v3.0.2 works perfectly now!

Updated info:
I deleted DeNoiseAI v3 using Windows Uninstall, then downloaded the upgrade from the link in the email Topaz sent to me informing me of this upgrade. [First time I upgraded, I had used the link on the Topaz Downloads web site, Windows Full.]

Since then, I have not had this problem continue.