I bought Denoise, many moons ago, as a plug in to PS. Why isn’t it included in Plug-Ins in my Studio?

Just checked mine and it shows up fine in Studio. Are you running latest v6.0.1?


You are correct that Studio is V 1.14.4 - but I was referring to the version of Denoise. Latest is 6.0.1.

You may want to try reinstalling Denoise - the plugin might not show up in Studio if it was installed prior to Studio being installed. Just a guess but it could work.

Yes - it was plugged into my PS before Studio. Guess it isn’t a big deal because it works fine in PS. It is a handy tool and I use it often. Comes in handy eliminating grain in shooting at high ISO. kap55 thanks for the come-back on this.

It should work as a plugin in both PS and Studio. I really think it would be worth reinstalling. If it still doesn’t show up in Studio then you should contact support. If you own Denoise and have it installed then you should be able to use it in Studio.

The only thing that may preclude it from showing in the Studio Plugins is if the 8BF file (Plugin File) was moved to PS Plugins folder. (Sorry can’t see what your OS is)