Denoise not removing noise in 2.3.0 or 2.3.3

Lightroom 10, Windows 10 Pro, Denoise AI 2.3.3 (2.3.0 at the moment). 32 GB memory, AMD 5700 XT 8 GB graphics. Standard Nikon RAW image from D500 (these are only 20 megapixel so they’re small), these aren’t even big images from the D850.

Access from Lightroom EXACTLY the way I always have. Topaz opens, both sides of the split view are noisy. Hit auto. NO change to noise. Both Remove Noise and Enhance Sharpness sit at 15. No change. NO AUTO UPDATE. No MANUAL update. NO change to noise. Hit apply. NO change in noise when I get back to Lightroom. It instantly returns to Lightroom - it DOESN’T go through the long process of reducing the noise and moving across the progress bar. Just dumps back to Lightroom.

Try again. Try Denoise, AI Clear, Low Light. NO CHANGE to noise in ANY of them. Essentially NOTHING works. Apply never causes any noise reduction.

Run Denoise standalone. SAME EXACT RESULT. Actually, standalone has NEVER been usable because the output looks drastically different than the input, but it doesn’t even remove the noise now.

Uninstalled 2.3.3 and went back to v 2.3.0. WORKED FINE for a while. Not sure precisely how long, but for at least a couple test images it worked. That was a couple days ago. This is the THIRD time I’ve done this. From 2.3.0 to 2.3.3 back to 2.3.0 to it worked for a little while, back to 2.3.3 that worked for a short time, and finally back to 2.3.0. SO FAR, the only way I’ve been able to get Topaz working again is to re-install every time. It TAKES WAY too long to keep re-installing this software every time I need to process images.

NO errors in Windows logs. No errors from DeNoise. Just not working with EITHER 2.3.0 OR 2.3.3.

I just rebooted the system AGAIN, restarted Lightroom, and tried Topaz. Still completely inoperative as near as I can tell. I even tried switching the GPU off and letting the CPU do the work. NOTHING.

This HAS to be something simple and stupid I’m missing…

Because I have to get some work done, I uninstalled 2.3.0 completely and re-installed it. As far as I know the installation worked fine, and I’ve done noise reduction on 2 images successfully. BUT, I just noticed a message popup, though I’m not sure it’s from the installation or from one of the noise reductions. It said: Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete successfully. No origin file found that matched t:\curl
The software is working so I’m not sure what the message is. T is my temp partition, and it’s there.

As I said, the software is working AT THE MOMENT, but I had to reinstall it again. This HAS to be something simple that I’m missing…