DeNoise model differences?

Can someone explain the differences of DeNoise AI models? In what situation to use which model?
Sharpen AI has some explanation of each model, I cannot find similar documentation for DeNoise AI
I only found AI a difference that Clear model handle colour noise better, while DeNoise model retain most of the colour noise
Thank you very much!

Trial and Error - take a 30-day freebie, and use your Lockdown Time and see what each slider can do!


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The Chroma slider allows you to target and remove this specific type of noise.

The AI Clear model is more suited to JPEG images, I.E. where you don’t have access to the raw source.

You can read the Topaz Guide to Noise Reduction referenced on this page:

I process the raw files from lightroom first, disable noise reduction and sharpening, export image to a 16bit tiff
Then drag it into DeNoise AI, and found AI Clear produce better result in most case