DeNoise_Interface Questions

Couple of questions - my Topaz DeNoise 3.7.2 version seems to operate in an odd way, to me at least.
In any view except Comparison view - when you click the Auto Compare - it changes to Yellow and no matter what image I am processing the choice is always Standard view - never does the AI choose another model. Just seems to me in some images another model would be offered. Or perhaps Standard would always be the recommended model because literally all of my images are of birds, mammals, nature, wildlife stuff.

The Clear Model - no matter what view I choose the Clear model it will not give me sliders to manually adjust how much noise to remove, or how much sharpening to use. I only have Remove Noise - Low, Medium, High buttons and Enhance Sharpness - Low or High. I would like to have a choice to manually use sliders sometimes when working with Clear model. None of the other Models work this way - I can always choose the AI suggested results or manually use sliders to adjust.

Thoughts on either of these two DeNoise issues - much appreciated. Hope I’ve explained clearly.

I love the product - amazing results. I am not a sophisticated/high-powered photo processing user - use simple Luminar Neo with Topaz Denoise - am so happy with my results. Thank you.