Denoise installer aborts - "Cannot find ...."

Since a few months I’m experiencing issues when installing Denoise updates.

The typical scenario is:

  • invoke Denoise from LR
  • Denoise tells me that an Update is available, and whether I want to install it
  • next, the installer is being downloaded
  • when passing control from Denoise to the installer I get an error window that something (with a cryptic name) cannot be found. Denoise terminates and I’m back in Lightroom
  • I start Denoise again, now standalone
  • going through the process once again now usuall works; sometimes I get another error message but then in the next iteration it’s fine and the update is being installed.

Here is an example of an error window I get - I have nothing to do with Chinese, so I have no clue what it is…


Any idea what’s wrong?

Firstly do not run installers from any applications that run as a external editor from Lightroom as LR won’t allow you to spawn other apps from the application running as a plug-in, as in PS etc.

For the messages in other languages you need to check your Region, Locale and installed languages options under Windows Settings.

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Understood, Don. I was not aware that an update should not happen when invoked from LR.

Regarding the error message itself, please note that the message itself is English. Only the item that could not be found by the installer had a Chinese name.

I performed the recent Sharpen update just now (as suggested), and it worked without problems :+1:

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