DeNoise - Default to "Low Light Mode On"

I would like to be able to have DeNoise default to “Low Light Mode On.”

Great idea, I second this and also to switch “auto” mode on. From what I can remember we had something like that in version 1 so it’s odd they removed it.

Since Low Light mode applies heavy denoise most of us would constantly be turning it off. the off default is a better default. However, I would agree that Denoise AI could remember that last setting for Auto and Low Light modes and keep that when opened again.

I said that “I” would like to be able to do this, not that you would need to do that. I would like the user to be able to select the default position, one way or another. Topaz told me they are looking into it for an upcoming release.

In my opinion, most people use DeNoise on images taken under low light. But that is just my opinion.

Do you have data that says most users would be turning Low Light mode off constantly, or is this your opinion?

For what it is worth, I try to use the minimum of noise reduction that does the job, and only turn on Low light mode in the very few occasions when the basic mode doesn’t get the job done, so the present default to Off suits me, but I agree that the Low Light and Auto default settings should be able to be set by the user.

I don’t think many people would use more noise reduction than what does the job, as we know that softens the image. But of course exactly what that means varies from individual to individual.
I personally don’t appreciate it when others tell me what I should do (not at all saying you did this, just saying I don’t appreciate it) and don’t care for people who feel they are speaking for “the community.” What makes their opinion any better than anyone else’s?

I do lots of low light/high ISO photography. My experience is that the Low Light mode works better for me, with my cameras, in those applications. That is what works for me, something else might work for others.

I just want the flexibility to be able to have the tool set up the way I want - that’s all. And with this goes the flexibility for others to use it the way they want too. In this case, the ability to choose between default to Low Light, default to Low Light off, default to last use - all would be good in my personal opinion. I made this as a suggestion to Topaz (elsewhere) and they responded to me personally and told me they agree and are planning to add this ability to not only Low Light but to other items too.

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Maybe your definition of “Default” is different from mine or most people. I stated that the setting could be sticky so it stays the way last used and that would be good. However, 98% of people don’t do much low light photography and I don’t either so the Low Light mode would be rarely used (but good to have). I have been a photographer for over 50 years and have been president of a photo club as well as given many talks on photography. I use Denoise AI on a regular basis.

Geez - we are supposed to be nice here. I want it to be able to default one way for me, then you can have it default another way for you. Understand?

You seem to like to be able to speak for others. Like how “most people” define something. And where did you get your 98% data from?

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