Denoise Auto Setting

This is discussed n the Product Release section and implemented in 2.1.4.

But the auto setting is still higher than 2.0 so lose more detail. I think it’s a compromise nobody will be satisfied.

I know why you cranked up the auto setting. Some complained Denoise did nothing to image.

So, as suggested in Product release section, why not let users select Auto curve to be low/medium/high by their tastes? then everybody willl be sastified.

Topaz DeNoise 6 (which I still occasionally use versus DeNoise AI when it’s having trouble) had six default presets for JPEG and six for Raw. It also had a wide range of camera specific presets, but I rarely found them to be better than the defaults. The controls within the various presets covered a range of specific characteristics and gave the user great power to fine tune the result. Most of the time the ideal match for by standard camera settings and typical lighting conditions was the default moderate or light preset.

Of course the AI version is operating under a completely different philosophy for the user experience. In this case the AI is what is intended takes care of all that time consuming fiddling. Starting down the path of giving the user more options and controls again will be a challenge to that concept.