Denoise and RAW files

Hi, Sorry if this seems like a daft question! I have just downloaded the trial version of DeNoise and can’t get started. I expected to open a flat raw file, apply note reduction, save file and then develop it. Clearly that expectation was misplaced. It seems I have to convert the raw file to jpg before applying NR but in doing that I lose all the advantages of the raw file. I’m wanting to use DeNoise stand alone not as a PS plugin. Am I missing something blindingly obvious? Thanks.


You are definitely missing something - DeNoise6 is a standalone as well as running as a plugin. It does read RAW and several presets are part of the download for RAW files

Thanks for the reply. So I was right in my expectation.

So here’s the problem: when I open DN and try to open a raw file all raw files are greyed out. If I drag a raw file onto the browse pane nothing happens. Nothing happens when I click on the Presets - no drop down, no presets. The only buttons that work are Menu and Browse, every other button does absolutely zip. Any suggestions? Thanks.


DeNoise 6 does not open RAW files in standalone mode. Standalone mode will only accept PNG, JPG, or TIFF. You could try opening the image in Topaz Studio, which is a free standalone host editor, then launch DeNoise 6 as a plugin to Studio.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

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