DeNoise AI

Just a comment on the DeNoise AI Product. Nothing short of WOW. I find myself using it regularly and am super impressed with the results. Albeit I now shoot with a Canon EOS-R with L glass, like most I have an old cache shot on other older cameras, some of which were on film and converted to digital. I have one shot that I had done years ago on a camera with a crop sensor plastic lens and no tripod that prompted this review. Interestingly through dumb luck I had thought to bracket the handheld shot. Part of the image is dark and some is light, a lesson in exposure. Today, playing with it and using HDR software, all kinds of chroma noise was introduced, so much so I didn’t want to show anyone.

As a regular user of Topaz products, I upgrade to AI when new products are released and I can justify a new toy. I got DeNoise AI and ran this shot through it paces. Poof the chroma noise is simply gone. My shot is amazing. I am blowing up what would’ve been a 4x6 stuck in the drawer to a 24x36 on wood for the wall.

To Topaz Coders, just thought you might want to know how much your work is appreciated!!