DeNoise AI Workflow Question

I’m finding DenoiseAI to be amazing for most of my images. My question is about the Sharpening aspect. Most recommendations generally suggest running DeNoise software as the FIRST step in a processing workflow and Sharpening as the LAST. I’m wondering how to reconcile these with DeNoise AI, or if it matters. Also, would it be even better to use DenoiseAI with zero sharpening and then run Topaz or another sharpener separately.

Many Thanks

DeNoise AI will do the standard sharpening, and I have always found it serves my needs for that. You only really need Sharpen AI if you have images that have motion blur or are out of focus. In many cases, I have found that running Sharpen on an image that has a lot of noise that has been cleared up by DeNoise is rarely very successful anyway.
I found this Topaz video tutorial useful:

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You should use the DeNoise sharpening because it is a “pre” sharpener which is part of the process to remove noise.

Sharpen AI is for final sharpening before export.

I do the Denoise Process at the end of my processing.

And i also use sharpen very often but only for internet images when i did change the size.

With everything it is really the process that suits your style that is correct.