DeNoise AI Worked Well @ End of Processing

I started by using DeNoise AI at the beginning of processing the full-color version of this image shot at a water treatment facility in the past week.

By the time I’d added all my “creative” touches and converted to BW the image looked like it was the victim of a worm colony.

Figured I’d give DeNoise AI another shot as my last step b4 resizing for the Web. To be honest, even though I’ve had positive results with DeNoise AI I wasn’t sure what it would do layered on top of all that other processing (including artifacts from Topaz & other companies’ plugins too). Didn’t know if all the details, etc. would turn to mush.

I’m really pleased that DAI attacked the smoother areas primarily and left the edge contrast where I needed it. Here’s what I ended up with…

Guess the takeaway is - start with DeNoise to avoid accentuating existing noise with creative processing. And, if you end up with an artificially produced noise (vs in-camera generated noise) try a light hand of it again as part of your output processing.