DeNoise AI v2 doesn't denoise unless I run it as administrator

The weird thing is that after the install, the TOPAZ icon does not shop up in the windows pull down list of programs…

Uninstall does not work either… In the sense that the uninstall in the TOPAZ folder dos nothing and if I use the windows uninstall, I need to do it as admin… No idea why

I paid 50+ buck for the DeNoiseAI. I must admit I reported problems to Topaz Labs and got a general answer. Now, with the change in the policy (after I paid under the previous rules) my disappointment soared… And the reasons are as follows

  • I cannot get the software to run. I installed it on two different laptops with two different video cards (NVidia or Radeon). Both are graphic workstations so the issue of lack of power is redundant.
  • I got some hints as to how to make it run but they are useless (thank you for trying anyway). The key reason is that in order to prevent computers form being hijacked we do not allow run programs as Administrators (we can install them as such but not tun). DenoisAI is THE ONLY program hat makes problems with that. All the other programs (lightroom, photoshop, ImageJ etc) run with NO PROBLEM whatsoever.
  • The software is supposed to be 2.0 while it behave as 0.2 release version. C’mon guys… You CAN do better than that…
  • with changing of the policy I seriously consider asking my money back ( I still have bout 3 weeks to do that) since I have been sold a promise NOT a working software
  • in fact as a developer I would be ashamed to release SO POORLY prepared program. Seriously. DO I really need to jump some hoops before it works??? Can’t you make a decent install script?
  • the software DOES have a potential but you work very hard to make me (and many others I guess) to stop using it. We need RESULTS not promises
  • I am not a professional so I cannot throw my money around to see what works best for me. This is money that I want to feel is well spend and where do I stand now? TOPAZ? TELL ME?
  • you should have three lines of product. Basic, Advanced and Professional. For basic you give a a bundle of 2-3 modules for small price(user picks the modules- mix and match). For Advanced you give a few modules more (4-5k same rules) . Professional- you give the Full Monty. And you give two payment plans for each. A yearly update program and a Permanent update program. And you NEVER put it in cloud like Adobe.

Have you raised a support request at the main website?

It seems like an issue with permissions if you have no error messages or crashes.