Denoise AI v2 "differences"

I’ve upgraded my denoise AI to v2 and v2 plugins for photoshop and there are a couple of things I wish didn’t change. Not exactly bugs, looks 100% intentional, but still not ideal for my workflow:

  • I can no longer reuse the same Denoise AI parameters by just re-applying the filter (Alt+Ctrl+F): it brings the Denoise UI and waits for my input. I often used this on batch of burst images. I perfectly understand there is batch processing now, but I liked to be able to just re-apply the last filter used and in case the settings didn’t work, just go back to photoshop.
  • I miss the pan tool in Denoise AI UI, using the preview to locate the area is cumbersome (to me)

Other than that, great update and great software, I wouldn’t go back to any other denoising option.