DeNoise AI - V2.2.8 Bugs

Newest update installed last night. Mac OS HS 10.13.6 - Running Denoise AI standalone

  1. Odd behavior on update finished in about 30 sec verse the usual 10-15 mins.
  2. When opening an image with the Right Click Open With… (opening and saving TIF files)
  3. Process with in AI clear Mode
  4. Preview
  5. Apply
  6. Behind the scenes - temp file is created, old file deleted, new AI file renamed
    Now the saving process is being interrupted the folder shows a tmp file with no processing edits with a TMP suffix and original file remains but can not be opened due to unrecognized format.

It seems the processing cycle is incomplete and exiting prior to completion. The original file CAN be retrieved by deleting the unrecognized file and rename the TMP file to the original name.

I use this method of opening files to cut down on having duplicate files and having to delete the unedited originals. Really cut downs on workflow time. Will have to roll back the version if this can not be addressed quickly.

See also the thread for the Sharpen update, which seems to have caused the same bug. I have the same problem with DeNoise. Won’t work as a plugin for Lightroom, as the exported file is not recognised - and DeNoise standalone now crashes at the end of the process without saving.

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Just been prompted to download another update when I just opened DeNoise. So, fingers crossed that’s a fix!

Can confirm that the update has fixed the bug for me!

Thanks for posting your results…I can confirm the installed update fixed the issue - tested in single file and batch file modes good to go.

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