Denoise AI v2.2.7 - prefs suffix error

Bug: The newly configured suffix is accepted, but the old default is
not overwritten.

Ticket: (248167)

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Hi, are you saying the preferences aren’t updated to show DNAI2 the next time you open DeNoiseAI?

No, it does add the DNAI2 (update). But, it still appends the original default (-denoise).

So, you get the new string…and the old string in the resulting filename. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi John, just unclick the Append processing mode as suffix below your suffix and you should be ok.

Oh, I see now. Just coincidence that the default suffix and the default processing mode turn out to be the same? -denoise

That is what confused me. So, in V2.x if you don’t change the defaults the resultant filename is:


it looks like.

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Yes, that is right.