Denoise AI v2.2.2 Color Profile picker in batch

I am batch Denoising JPEG images when I press start it it ask questions of output location, suffix, etc…
My question is concerning the Color Profile picker which is set to retain default, I change to ProPhoto run the program Look at the metadata in the new file and it is the same as original. Please explain this feature.


The explanation would appear to be that it isn’t working as intended.

I’m finding odd results both in single mode and batch mode.

Using JPG images with embedded sRGB profile (which shows in ExifTool Exit->ColorSpace as “sRGB”), then when I Denoise AI as a single image with ProPhoto selected, the exported image has the Exif->ColorSpace as “uncalibrated”.

If I proces say three sRGB embedded JPG’s in Batch mode and select ProPhoto, all exported images has Exif->ColorSpace as sRGB.

Edit: Just to clarify, the above applies to Denoise AI 2.2.2 running in stand alone mode, Windows 10 Pro, i7 CPU,16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1050ti 4GB graphics card., 451.48 drivers.