Denoise AI v2.0.0 so slow compared with v1.3.3

I don’t know what changes have been made behind the scenes between v1.3.3 and v2.0.0 but the time now taken to process adjustments in preview and then save the changes to file makes v2.0.0 unusable. An example: I made the same Remove Noise, Enhance Sharpness and Recover Details adjustments to the same image in both versions, in v1.3.3 it took 19 seconds to save the image and in v2.0.0 2 minutes 30 seconds the resulting tiffs looked identical although the v2.0.0 tiff at 55mb was a tiny bit larger than the 53mb from v1.3.3.

I have uninstalled v2.0.0 and reverted to v1.3.3

Please specify your computing environment, and do you have more than one GPU?

When you ran v2.0 for the first time did you press Reset in the preferences so it could benchmark your system and choose the best processing option?

Note: I have a PC with dual GPUs, Windows 10, and I had to allocate the correct high-performance GPU, rather than the integrated GPU, to DeNoise because the install directory had changed.

I had but I have just reinstalled and copied the advanced settings from v1.3.3 and it now runs the same as the old version - seems for my system it is much better using OpenVINO than the limited 2Gb of memory on my GT630 GPU.

That would be correct, that why you need to use the reset button so it can be benchmarked.