Denoise ai update

how do I disable denoise ai from updating?? I just tried to update to the latest version and now it doesn’t remember my settings. It reverts back to default settings. The previous version, version 2.2.4 stopped asking me if I want to download the update and it remembered my settings.

Where in the registry can I disable update check?? I would much rather prefer to download and install the update manually

Afaik, you cannot disable the update nagging (if there is an update to be downloaded/installed). I have requested this option to be added to preferences, but it has fallen on deaf ears. So, you have to answer [no] each time if you want to decline. :frowning_face:

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Haven’t seen that happening before, please raise a support request at the main website.

This is REALLY aggravating! If you have to process several hundreds of photos, it will drive you crazy. what a stupid “feature!”

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In every other product on the planet, you have the option to check for updates or not. Come on Topaz!

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If they can master AI, surely they can handle this:


so far I don’t get the nags to update even though I’ve already updated. So right now I’m fine with v2.2.7 for windows

This situation only occurs when there is an update available…and you don’t want to install it.

If you are at v2.2.7 there is currently no update available…thus no nag for now.

My one year license expired. I can still use my current version of Denoise AI but as I understand it, I won’t be able to update to the newer version unless I pay $49. I do not wish to update to save money. How can I disable the nag to update?

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Currently have Denoise AI 1.3.3. Don’t wish to pay for upgrade 2.3.0 Where/if can I find the last free update, v2.2.7 to download?

You needed to raise a support request at the main website, or you can download the lastest 2.2.12 from where there is an option to disable the update prompt:

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