Denoise AI seperate auto settings

We finally have batch processing in Denoise AI. This was one of my requests since day 1 it was released.
In my taste Denoise AI often oversharps when using the auto setting. The noise detection level is in most cases appropriate and I get the best results with setting back the sharpen slider to 0. The denoiser after all already sharps the image according to the noise level slider chosen. Going back to manual setting for each image after choosing the auto one and take down the sharpen slider to zero could take a lot of time and be tedious if having a lot of images to process.
So my request would be to have two seperate auto settings, one for the noise and one for sharpening.
This could save a lot of time for the batch process to prevent unwanted oversharpening.
Setting the noise level to auto and the the sharpening to a low level or even zero for example. Or on contrary setting a noise level we think is the best in a set of images and let an auto sharpening.

Hi, I’m not sure of my way around this forum yet so please forgive if my question is answered elsewhere. It is:
I have a trial of DenoiseAI. I can open it as a plug-in from the Photoshop Elements 14 editor (from a single image). Can I use it to batch process several files at once and if so, how?