DeNoise AI RAW processed DNG file not recognized by Lightroom

Hi All,
I have the latest DeNoise AI and I love what it can do with my camera’s RAW files. However, the exported DNG file, from the directly opened RAW file, is not properly recognized by Lightroom and I am unable to apply the proper camera profile to it so the colors are correct. The file ends up looking yellowish in tint and the histogram between the RAW file and the DeNoise DNG file look very different.
This issue isn’t present if I use DeNoise as a plug-in, by exporting a copy of the Lightroom processed RAW file as a TIFF and having DeNoise, use that, but the resulting DeNoise’d file doesn’t have the detail the one processed as a RAW file does.
A video on YouTube shows DeNoise working correctly, the DNG file is able to use the camera profiles after importing it, but I can’t get that to work at all.

I’m looking for ANY way to get the DeNoise photo to look like the Lightroom imported RAW file from the camera with my chosen camera profile. So far I haven’t found any way to get Lightroom to match the color processing between two photos, which would solve my issue.


You will need to raise a support request at the main website.

Note that the DNGs produced are NOT RAW files as they can only come from sensor data in your camera. The DNG has its own profile included.

I have already raised a report with Topaz, however, they were unable to help.

From Topaz:
"If you are able to copy and paste the original metadata to the DNG that DeNoise AI outputs, you would be able to use the camera profile.

The exif reader that we use in DeNoise AI is unfortunately very deeply embedded and difficult to replace. It is missing the metadata tags that are required for camera profiles and currently has no easy solution aside from the TIFF and plugin workflows I’ve shared."

Lightroom can use a camera profile on a DNG file, I’ve made one out of a RAW file in Lightroom and had no issue, however, it looks like DeNoise breaks the data between the RAW file and the DNG it creates. I need to find a work around. That’s what I’m here for. If you know how to transfer the missing metadata from one file to the next, that would work.

You can try ExifTool which can be downloaded from

I believe the command is:

exiftool -TagsFromFile sourceFile targetFile

Thanks, but that’s a terminal command like program and I don’t know if I have the experience with that to be sure I don’t screw up my image files.

I have just noticed there is a application called ExifToolGUIU that will do that. You will need to search for the download.


Thanks, but that’s a Windows tool and I gave up on Windows quite a while ago. Very glad for all the effort so far though.

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If you search yourself you will find apps, don’t know about functionality but they are there …

E.G. jExifToolGUI: A java/Swing Windows/Linux/MacOS graphical frontend

Thanks, I’ll check that out. How about a way to match the color between the RAW and DNG from DeNoise? I’ve tried, but found no simple way to do it. That would solve my issue as well.

I found the tool and tried it. Despite copying all data from the original to the DNG file, exported from DeNoise, Lightroom still won’t allow camera profiles to be used on the DNG.
When doing a comparison, there are allot of data fields that do not update when copying the metadata. I’m guessing those are the ones that Lightroom is looking for?

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