Denoise AI quality degradation over releases

I’ve been a customer since AI Clear, and although I’ve liked the transition to Denoise AI for its much better respect of fine image features, since v2 I feel like there is a degradation in how it handles noise. Denoise AI tends to leave trails of grossly processed noise here and there and when you raise the noise reduction slider, you’re left with mushy/blurry patterns in defocused areas.
I’ve recently moved from a Canon 7D Mark II, with which Denoise AI was performing OK to a Sony A7RIV and this is even worse now. I understand the A7RIV noise is much rougher due to the lack of an OLPF, and clearly downsizing before denoising helps quite a bit but I must say the results are a bit underwhelming anyway. Low values of denoising tend to leave undenoised or poorly denoised patches and higher values tend to create an unnatural-looking image, with fattened details.
Now the fact that I’m relying more and more on Denoise AI may have affected my high ISO tolerence but still, I think there is significant room for improvement here :slight_smile: