DeNoise AI post 2.3.1 suggestions

Would it be possible to add the value of the Color Noise Reduction to the Info tab next to the other Data ?
i.e. LOW LIGHT Mode:Auto N:37 S:92 R:24 CNR:0.32

Also , would it be possible to relocate the Pane Identifiers , when doing the Comparison Mode , such that the Identifiers for the two right Panes , Denoise AI and Low Light , appear in the bottom right corners instead of the bottom left corners ? Reason is that during the Comparison Process , the Progress Window blocks the DeNoise Label . Petty I know , but I’m just throwing it out there for thought .
Cheer , Scott…

Wow ! Just got the Update and Changelog for v2.3.6 and you did it !!! You guys are really amazing .
Thank you for listening .