Denoise AI Photo 3.7.2

Denoise AI 3.7.1 and now 3.7.2 have issues playing nice with Lightroom. Downloaded the full install of 3.7.2 and installed. Ran some images through and tried to import into LR 12.3

When the images that went through topaz were imported lightroom threw a ‘Failed to find a place for the imported file’. The files that did not go through topaz did not have this issue. When I reverted back to topaz 3.7.0 and ran the images back through they imported into LR without an issue.

Not sure what topaz is doing to the files to create the error. I checked them with exiftool and I did not see anything in the data.

It sounds like DeNoise AI doesn’t have permission to write to the location you are choosing. If you are on a Mac go to the Mac OS settings and add DeNoise to have access to the Folder.

On Win10. Writing to the same location that it’s been writing to for the past two years. Also wouldn’t explain why 3.7.0 has no issue, but 3.7.2 when all things are the same except for the version of topaz.

Just raise a support request at the main website.