Denoise AI Output - Grid on output

When using DenoiseAI, v 2.2.2, to denoise underexposed Milky Way images, I see a grid-like pattern on the tif or dng output image. Is this something related to my system, or is it something that had been noted by others?

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While not necessarily for this version of DeNoise, I have previously seen reports like this for grid artifacts. It is highly likely that those are artifacts of the DeNoise software and not inherent in your system.

If you are able to easily reproduce this behavior, I would suggest opening a support ticket and they will ask you for the image so they can reproduce the issue and analyze it. If you have a previous version still installed you might try that and see if you get the same behavior. This often helps to determine when & where anomalous behavior was introduced.

Maybe its just left over from the Big Bang. :smiley:

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Thanks. I will get that process going.

I have this same grid artifact issue. Most noticeable when higher levels of noise reduction are used. This has been present for at least 6 months. Running a Mac on OS 10.14.6.

It’s a result of DeNoise using the GPU and not the CPU.

Follow the instructions at the following link (remove the spaces, for some reason this server doesn’t allow links to be posted):

https:// help. topazlabs. com/hc/ en-us/articles/ 360038893192-Artifacting-in-DeNoise-AI

It makes the software run a bit slower, but it removes that grid.

Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try.